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Our Team

iWeartech is made up of people passionate about technology as well as improving people's quality of life. We work every day to offer innovative, quality products that help people take care of themselves and their loved ones. Iweartech wants to help people fight sedentariness through our products while staying connected, one step at a time!

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Our mission

Put technology at the service of people. Improve the quality of life of individuals through technology, one step at a time!

iWeartech, realized that we could help people fight sedentariness through technology. Regardless of the degree of fitness of the person, iWeartech could improve people's quality of life through technology.


Know your heart

Tracking your heart is incredibly valuable. With iWeartech, it's easier than ever.


iWeartech keep you connected with notification. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or text messages, you will not miss a message or a call any more!



By simply measuring your sleeping, restless and awake time, iWeartech bracelets help you understand each night to make the most of every day.

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